May/June 2024
The GSA Global Supply® ordering site is an online tool to access a Best-in-Class supply program. It simplifies the buying process for satisfying your everyday product needs and makes shopping for pre-competed and FAR-compliant commodities – such as office supplies, packaging supplies, cleaning supplies, tools, security containers, and disaster-relief products – easier and faster, whether using a part number or National Stock Number (NSN).

 You can choose from a range of ordering options:
You can pay with a DOD Activity Address Code (DoDAAC), civilian Activity Address Code (AAC), or Government Purchase Card (GPC). 

Local Sourcing Improves Delivery Times for

In-Demand Items

GSA Global Supply has opened several forward supply points to ensure speedy delivery of high-demand items. The first facility opened in Germany in 2018 and provides delivery in three to five days to customers around Europe. Through a partnership with DLA, the facility also provides air delivery to select locations in North Africa. This facility stocks approximately 900 products with consistent and high demand, so customers can expect rapid delivery. Customers can still order from our entire offering of approximately 1.5 million items, but those will ship from the United States and take longer to arrive.

Similar facilities – all operated by contractors – have since opened in Alaska, Guam, Hawaii, Japan, and Korea, with the newest location scheduled to support customers in the Middle East by this summer. Inventories range from roughly 400 to 1,000 items and can be adjusted over time as customer demand shifts.

Users of GSA Advantage!® or the GSA Global Supply ordering website can see icons designating local products, or they can visit CMLS to download a PDF catalog for their nearest GSA location:

GSA’s Smart-Building Technology Transforms Federal Building 

The Oklahoma City federal building has emerged as a national model for clean-energy innovation and efficiency, by embracing cutting-edge smart-building technology. The multi-year effort was the result of a public-agency and private-sector partnership between GSA, the Department of Energy, OG&E, Ameresco, and the Rocky Mountain Institute.

The updated building is now a hallmark for GSA’s Smart Building Systems Integration, which achieves comprehensive alignment of building automation, telecommunications, security, energy, and environmental controls. From fire safety and intelligent climate control to real-time monitoring of occupancy and energy consumption, every aspect of the building’s operation is optimized for efficiency and sustainability, all while providing enhanced protection against cyberattacks. The renovation will reduce energy use by 41% and reduce costs by millions of dollars.

When visitors step into this modernized space, they are now greeted by a harmonious blend of history and technology. GSA is proud to have participated in this important transformation in Oklahoma City.

Find out how your agency can optimize and protect its most valuable assets with GSA’s Smart Buildings Systems Integration.

Read GSA Administrator Robin Carnahan’s remarks from the 2023 ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Part-Number Ordering is Easier than Ever with GSA Global Supply

Every product we offer has already been through the procurement process and is available to you via a simple government-to-government (G2G) transaction. GSA Global Supply offers tens of thousands of products identified with a commercial part number, often with a standard prefix, to give you an enormous range of product choices in three product categories: 
  • Office Products
  • Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO)
  • Janitorial and Sanitation (JanSan) 
We continue to offer thousands of products identified with National Stock Numbers (NSNs) in those categories, along with furniture, tools, housewares, and much more. This offering of part-numbered items gives you more options, with the same safety and simplicity of our requisition business model.

To learn more, check out our fact sheet about part-numbered items.

AskGSA Simplifies Getting the Status of Your Orders

If you haven’t tried it yet, visit AskGSA, our enhanced, self-service website for customer service!

AskGSA allows you to:
  • Search for your GSA Global Supply orders
  • Obtain order status
  • Report a problem so we can resolve it
The AskGSA site is:
  • An easy-to-use online tool that supplements the existing methods for contacting GSA’s National Customer Service Center (NCSC) by phone at 800-488-3111, email at, and live chat
  • An added convenience for GSA Global Supply customers
We’ll continue refining AskGSA to improve your experience, so please give us feedback on how AskGSA works for you! To start, visit AskGSA and select a username and password.
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