January/February 2024
GSA’s purchasing programs offer a variety of options to meet your requirements. From the Multiple Award Schedule to the Strategic Sourcing and Cooperative Purchasing programs, GSA is your resource for every acquisition need. Explore our latest offerings below and follow the links to learn more!

A Great New Year’s Resolution: Maximize Efficiency and Cut Costs with the FSSI OS4 Solution

The Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative (FSSI) purchasing program aims to streamline procurement across federal agencies by consolidating common goods and services and by leveraging bulk purchasing power to achieve cost savings and efficiency. It focuses on strategic-sourcing methods to negotiate better prices, terms, and quality standards, which benefit the government through increased transparency, reduced duplication, and improved overall acquisition.

GSA’s latest solution for office supplies and services, FSSI Office Supplies Fourth Generation (OS4), is now available through the Multiple Award Schedules (MAS) program.

The FSSI OS4 solution provides:
  • Environmentally sustainable purchasing options
  • An approach that friendly to small businesses
  • Flexible delivery
  • Product variety
  • Significant savings
The collective ongoing purchasing by customer agencies continually drives down prices, truly leveraging the government’s buying power.

  • Cuts costs
  • Reduces price variability
  • Increases efficiencies for buying everyday supplies
  • Builds on the success of FSSI OS3 by delivering prices that are 15% lower, on average
Find current FSSI OS4 awardees at our Office Supply Fourth Generation Awarded Vendors page.

Get more-detailed information on the MAS and FSSI OS4.

Leveraging BPAs for Enhanced Procurement Efficiency

GSA’s Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs) offer a multitude of advantages for federal agencies engaged in procurement activities. These streamlined purchasing mechanisms significantly reduce administrative burdens by establishing pre-negotiated terms and conditions, which facilitates a faster, more-efficient acquisition process. With BPAs, agencies can access a wide range of products and services from approved vendors without the need for repetitive, time-consuming contract negotiations.

Furthermore, BPAs promote cost-effectiveness and budget optimization for federal entities. By leveraging the aggregated buying power of the government, BPAs can secure favorable pricing, discounts, and improved delivery terms, resulting in significant cost savings across multiple acquisitions.

The flexibility inherent in BPAs allows agencies to quickly adapt to changing needs and requirements. By fostering long-term relationships with qualified vendors, agencies ensure a reliable supply of high-quality products and services while maintaining compliance with federal procurement regulations.

Learn more about BPAs from this fact sheet.

Check Out the Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Program’s Updated Webpages

The MAS program kicked off the new year with an updated, refreshed look on our MAS webpages!

The enhancements include:
  • Improved functionality: a new layout, fewer attachments, and highlighted content to help you quickly find crucial information and resources
  • An improved search tool: quickly filter and identify products and services
  • Better design: aligns with overall designs of the GSA website, providing a seamless online experience
  • User feedback: surveys offer visitors opportunities to provide feedback

Put Market Research As a Service to Work for Your Agency

GSA’s Market Research As a Service (MRAS) program helps agencies by collecting and providing industry-partner information specific to each governmental agency’s needs.

  • Ensures compliance and best competitive prices
  • Saves hours of research
  • Automates a Request for Information (RFI) that notifies all GSA contract holders
You can use MRAS to: 
  • Explore product offerrings
  • Search previous research reports 
  • Discover upcoming training opportunities to aid in your next acquisition process

Deliver more value with MRAS.
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