May/June 2024
GSA’s Office of Personal Property Management oversees the disposal, transfer, donation, and sale of federal excess and surplus personal property. You can learn more about us:

GSA is here to help! To learn more or get started with disposing of or acquiring personal property, contact your local Area Property Officer or GSA sales office.

To register for the latest live training classes, visit the GSA Events page.

The New Property Custodian Guide is Available

GSA has updated the Property Custodian Guide, which serves as a quick-reference tool for individuals who serve as property custodians for federal agencies.

Federal regulations require executive agencies to fill requirements for personal property by using existing agency property or by obtaining excess property from other federal agencies before making new procurements.

Federal property custodians help save millions of taxpayer dollars each year by:
  • Reporting property to GSA for screening
  • Ensuring that property is properly stored and protected during screening
  • Providing interested parties with information on available property
  • Helping arrange in-person viewing of property
  • Maintaining documentation throughout the process
  • Facilitating removal with recipients or take ultimate disposal action on the property
Access the updated Property Custodian Guide to learn more about how property custodians ensure the effective federal transfer, state donation, and sale of taxpayer assets entrusted to agencies.

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