March/April 2024
GSA’s Office of Personal Property Management oversees the disposal, transfer, donation, and sale of federal excess and surplus personal property. You can learn more about us:

GSA is here to help! To learn more or get started with disposing of or acquiring personal property, contact your local Area Property Officer or GSA sales office.

To register for the latest live training classes, visit the GSA Events page.

PPM Supports Sustainability Efforts Through Reuse

Sustainability is one of the most-important goals of the federal government. GSA’s Office of Personal Property Management (PPM) saves taxpayer dollars and supports sustainability efforts by:
  • Offering a variety of methods to ensure property is reused to the maximum extent practicable
  • Cutting down on unnecessary new procurements
  • Helping the environment by reducing landfill disposal
Reuse of property is made simple through Personal Property Management System (PPMS), our online screening system where federal agencies can report their unneeded property and select excess property from other agencies.

Property not selected for transfer between federal agencies is then labeled “surplus” and becomes available for donation to state agencies and eligible local organizations. Any remaining property is then sold to the public. This disposal process extends the useful life of assets and serves as a form of recycling, which is a vital aspect of sustainability practices.

Begin your personal-property journey today – log in to PPMS!

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