July/August 2024
GSA’s Office of Personal Property Management oversees the disposal, transfer, donation, and sale of federal excess and surplus personal property. You can learn more about us:

GSA is here to help! To learn more or get started with disposing of or acquiring personal property, contact your local Area Property Officer or GSA sales office.

To register for the latest live training classes, visit the GSA Events page.

Computers for Learning (CFL) Program Helps Schools Nationwide

GSA’s CFL Program supports schools and educational non-profit organizations by providing students with resources they may not otherwise be able to access, giving children the opportunity to be educated to their full potential.

Last year, The New Life Christian Academy in Fayetteville, North Carolina, experienced a devastating fire that caused an enormous amount of destruction, including the loss of numerous computers. GSA personnel coordinated the transfer of 83 Dell™ laptops via the CFL Program to the school and helped ensure crucial IT access for the students. This is just one example of how the CFL Program provides IT equipment to eligible organizations across the country.

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