January/February 2024
GSA’s Office of Personal Property Management oversees the disposal, transfer, donation, and sale of federal excess and surplus personal property. You can learn more about us:

GSA is here to help! To learn more or get started with disposing of or acquiring personal property, contact your local Area Property Officer or GSA sales office.

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Refresh Your Spaces with GSA Excess Personal Property

Save funds and align with sustainability goals by reducing waste and supporting a greener approach to office refurbishment! GSA excess personal property offers a treasure-trove of surplus federal equipment and furniture available for reuse by federal agencies.

By tapping into this resource, you can affordably revamp office spaces. Log in to our Personal Property Management System (PPMS) to discover a wide array of items, from desks and chairs to computers and office equipment – often at significantly reduced prices or even for free.

Using excess personal property:
  • Enables agencies to update their interiors for little or no cost
  • Promotes a circular economy by repurposing items that may otherwise go into the waste stream
Browse available items on PPMS, select those that fit your needs, and make your request. By mandate, GSA excess property is your first source of supply and a win-win strategy for a budget-friendly, environmentally conscious refreshed office in the new year!

Revitalize Your Assets – Consider Exchange/Sale

Do you have obsolete or worn-out property that needs to be replaced? If yes, you may be able to use the Exchange/Sale authority. The Exchange/Sale authority allows agencies to exchange or sell their personal property and retain most of the proceeds to purchase similar replacement property.

How it works
If you determine that your current property no longer meets your needs, but you have a continuing need for similar items, report your obsolete property in GSA’s Personal Property Management System (PPMS). When reporting, make sure to select “Exchange/Sale” and provide accurate lines of accounting and treasury-account symbols. The screening period for exchange/sale property is accelerated, and the property is quickly moved to the Sales division. Once the property is sold, your agency must use the proceeds from that sale to acquire similar items.

The Exchange/Sale authority is commonly used by agencies replacing high-value assets such as vehicles, aircraft, boats, and more. Some restrictions apply when using the Exchange/Sale authority.

Need more information?
Contact Joel Figueroa at joel.figueroa@gsa.gov or 404-693-5619. 
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