April/May 2023
You can earn Continuous Learning Points (CLPs) via GSA training opportunities! Meet your training goals with a wide variety of virtual and in-person classes. Explore this section for our monthly training highlights and follow the links at the bottom of this page to access our full training schedule.

You’re Invited to the FAST 2023 Three-Day Virtual Conference on May 16 – 18 

The lineup for the FAST 2023 “Building a Future-Ready Government” conference will be filled with experts from across the federal government and industry discussing topics crucial to making your next acquisition a success.

Join us to:
  • Discover how GSA is reimagining workflow processes and applying emerging technologies such as robotics process automation, saving time and enabling contracting teams to focus on high-value, high-impact work
  • Learn from senior program executives why more-effective communication techniques and collaboration with industry result in better solutions that deliver greater value in your acquisition
  • Experience the process of moving a legacy system to a modern, secure cloud solution – GSA experts will walk through tools and techniques to make your cloud journey successful

There’s no charge for this event, and you can earn up to nine Continuous Learning Points (CLPs).

Check out the full lineup for the FAST 2023 Virtual Conference Series.

Sign Up for Acquisition Training for the Real World’s Spring Session

Acquisition Training for the Real World is a two-week series of ten virtual training sessions on acquisition. The spring session will take place April 24 – May 5, from 1 to 2 p.m. (ET).

Join us to:
  • Become an expert on GSA’s tools and digital services and how they can help improve your acquisitions
  • Gain skills to improve the government’s buying power and reduce contract duplication
  • Find out the latest information on Federal Marketplace (FMP) Strategy initiatives
  • Earn Continuous Learning Points (CLPs) to maintain your certifications

This training is offered exclusively to federal employees. Learn more at our Acquisition Training for the Real World page.

If you have questions about this series of events, please contact Kristen Siddiq at kristen.siddiq@gsa.gov.
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