October/November 2023

Welcome to FedMark,
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Welcome to FY 2024

Happy new fiscal year to you all!

As we transition into FY 2024, GSA is committed to bringing you the best solutions for all your acquisition needs. This issue of FedMark features new training and events as well as fresh publications to help you get the most out of GSA’s solutions and the ordering process. From the brand-new 2024/2025 Supply Catalog to helpful reference sheets, GSA offers a variety of resources to meet your requirements.

To access the GSA Global Supply® 2024/2025 Supply Catalog, convenient flyers for calendar refills and toner, and the updated catalog for our customers in Alaska, visit FedMark’s Products, Services section! 

The new Acquisition Training for the Real World (ATRW) fall session is coming October 30! Check out the Training section for details. 

For information on our upcoming 2023 Native American Industry Day, don’t miss the State, Local, Tribal section.

Visit the Purchasing Programs section to read about how GSA’s VETS 2 contract supports our nation’s veterans and to learn about exciting changes to the Acquisition Gateway.

Each year brings with it a fresh start and new opportunities. Partner with GSA in 2024 and beyond to make the most of your agency’s resources and acquisition planning.
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