December 2023
GSA offers state, local, tribal, and territorial governments the opportunity to purchase commercial products and services under certain authorities. These products and services are provided through the GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) program.

The Purchasing Resources and Support for State and Local Governments guide provides an overview of the resources available to state and local government entities. Check out the latest news below and follow the links for more information.

GSA Increases Support for Native Nations and Tribal Governments in 2023

GSA is working to make intentional, impactful changes to how we support Native communities and governments. In FY 2023, GSA fostered program improvements, developed initiatives, and hosted events in support of Native American organizations and tribal communities.
Some of these efforts include:
  • Making offerings more accessible to tribal governments and supporting Native American businesses in the federal marketplace
  • Hosting annual events specially designed to reinforce the connection between tribal sovereignty, businesses, and the U.S. government
  • Developing initiatives in support of tribal communities, such as small-business contracting opportunities, partnering to procure electric vehicles for tribal lands, and federal buying of carbon-pollution-free electricity from tribal organizations
  • Improving GSA acquisition tools and resources to increase visibility and help Native American–owned businesses become more competitive and successful in the federal marketplace
Learn more about how GSA supports Native tribes at our Native American Affairs page.

Cooperative Purchasing Program for State, Local, Tribal, and Territorial Entities

GSA’s Cooperative Purchasing Program allows state, local, tribal, and territorial governments to purchase mission-ready supplies and services to meet immediate needs or future requirements. As authorized by statute, these entities can buy a variety of commercial products and services under specific Multiple Award Schedule (a.k.a. “MAS” or “Schedule”) contracts for IT and security solutions. 

The Cooperative Purchasing Program can save your agency time and money while supporting your mission. You can access thousands of nationwide, pre-vetted vendors who offer a wide array of commercial information technology (IT) and law enforcement products, services, and integrated solutions. 

For more information, view or download our newly updated Cooperative Purchasing Program fact sheet.

State, Local, and Territorial Organizations Can Strengthen Cybersecurity with GSA Solutions

State, local, and territorial organizations can minimize exposure to cyberthreats with GSA’s state-of-the-art, customizable products, services, and support tools. Cybersecurity planning can help you prevent an unexpected disaster and ensure a rapid response time if a cyberattack occurs.

These solutions can:

  • Enhance security
  • Improve cyber resilience
  • Protect important information
  • Modernize systems
  • Develop governance and planning processes
  • Assess and evaluate throughout the program life cycle
  • Mitigate risks and vulnerabilities
  • Build workforce development practices
  • Develop or revise existing cybersecurity plans
For more information, you can view, download, or order our newly updated cybersecurity reference sheet.

New Fact Sheet on Broadband Solutions for Tribes and Tribal Organizations is Available
Broadband solutions for Tribes and Tribal organizations are now available! Discover how GSA can support your broadband planning, deployment, and maintenance projects with our acquisition programs. Eligible Tribes and Tribal organizations can procure supplies and services to meet immediate and future broadband needs. GSA provides access to thousands of nationwide pre-vetted vendors who offer a wide array of commercial IT and telecommunications products, services, and integrated solutions.

Custom Resources: Native American Tribal Ordering Guide
Unique buying benefits and resources are available for Native American Tribal agencies. GSA has several programs specifically designed to meet these custom requirements.

From vehicle sales and real property transfers to public sales and specially tailored training programs, we’ve curated a Native American Tribal ordering guide that can explain and simplify the process and benefits of doing business with GSA. The benefits include deep discounts, introduction guides to get you started, and more!

Discover the available resources at our Native American Tribes page.

Searching for Native American–Owned Businesses? Try Our New Tool

GSA now offers a search tool designed to improve visibility for Native American–owned businesses offering commercial products and services via GSA Advantage!®, GSA eBuy, and GSA eLibrary. This tool aims to simplify the process of finding government contracts and opportunities in support of Native American entities by allowing buyers to search for Native American business categories.

This initiative demonstrates GSA’s commitment to promoting diversity and inclusivity in government contracting while providing Native American enterprises access to new opportunities for growth, economic development, and enhanced collaboration between these entities and federal agencies.

 To learn more about these opportunities, visit our Native American Tribes page.
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