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Training Meeting Login Tips and Troubleshooting
For All Participants:
  1. You will receive separate emails containing unique login links for each training registration.

  2. Ensure that you are registered for the training. Click through from the same email account from which you registered.

  3. Copying and pasting the login URL in a browser, rather than clicking through from the email, may resolve some issues.

  4. Pop-ups must be enabled on your internet browser. Please use the instructions that apply to your browser type or contact your help desk.

  5. Test your system prior to attending the meeting. Use this link: to help test your system for sufficient bandwidth, to check for/download Flash and Adobe Connect plugin prior to attending the meeting. Here are the tests you can automatically run by clicking the link:

    1. Flash Player Test. Flash Player must be enabled on your browser.
    2. Connection Speed Test. You must be connected to the internet and your connection must have sufficient bandwidth to support the meeting. The link above will test your connection speed (bandwidth).
    3. Adobe Connect Plugin Test. Adobe Connect requires the Adobe Connect plugin. The testing link above can be used to check for and download the plugin prior to the meeting.
    4. Browser. Try using Internet Explorer (IE), Safari, or Firefox instead of Chrome.
    5. IT Policies Blocking Downloads/Software. Some organization IT policies restrict downloads and setting changes by the user and may require a service ticket through your organization, or may prohibit Flash software/Adobe Connect plugin entirely.
For Participants Only:

The confirmation and reminder emails contain the url appropriate for Single Sign On, which works only if you are logged into the GSA network. If you are not on the GSA network, you will need to log on to the network or reformat the url by adding /event/login.html as shown below.

Format for SSO.
Format Outside the Network

If you are still having issues logging in, please clear your browser cache and cookies.